Shell’s California leak plugged


SAN FRANCISCO, May 25, 2016 – Shell repaired a leaking underground pipe that spilled as much as 500 barrels of oil in the Central Valley of California on Monday.

The leak was detected Friday morning when the 7-m-deep pipeline lost pressure. The company immediately halted the flow of oil. An estimated 1-m crack caused the spill.


It occurred about 95 km outside of San Francisco in a rural area and did not flow into waterways or groundwater. Lisa Medina, public information officer for the San Joaquin County Environmental Health Department, said oil could be seen over a 76-m-by-12-m area of land.

Shell has been involved in integrity tests by pumping small amounts of oil through the pipeline and monitoring air, water and ground conditions along with environmental groups.

The pipeline has no set date for reactivation.