Operacion Lava Jato also targeted a number of lawmaker's in President Dilma Roussef's government.

Transocean named in Petrobras scandal

SAO PAOLO, September 25, 2015 – The Brazilian government’s corruption probe against state-owned hydrocarbons corporation Petrobras has implicated Swiss rig contractor Transocean, according to a Friday report from Reuters.

A senior Petrobras official during testimony claimed to meet with a Transocean agent and receive bribes in return for the contract to operate the Petrobras 10,000 drilling rig. Transocean denied the allegations in an emailed statement to press.


“Transocean has a long-standing commitment to and upholds the highest standards for corporate ethics and compliance,” the company said to media. “Our employees – and everyone conducting business on our behalf – are required to adhere to our high standards for integrity, honesty, financial discipline and legal and regulatory compliance.”

Operation Carwash or Lava Jato in Portuguese – the name given to the probe – saw the arrest of more than 100 people and many more indicted. The graft scandal has barred more than 20 companies from doing business with Petrobras in the immediate future, and implicated politicians and executives alike.

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