UK driller equips emissions reduction systems


ABERDEEN, November 2, 2021 – Offshore drilling contractor Valaris has upgraded its fleet to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the company announced today in its Q3 2021 report.

Jack-up rig Valaris 123 is having a selective catalytic reduction system installed to eliminate nitrous oxide and sulphur oxide emissions.

Drillship Valaris DS-12 has received ABS’ enhanced electrical system notification for its sustainable energy use, the first vessel ever to receive this accreditation.


“In our business, emissions from our drilling rigs currently represent the largest contributor of atmospheric carbon dioxide and are therefore the target of our near-term sustainability effort,” said Anton Dibowitz, interim president and CEO of Valaris.

Third quarter revenue for the company was USD 327 million.

Valaris posted operating income at USD 3.4 million as opposed to a loss of USD 28.4 million in Q2 2021.

The Houston-headquartered E&P company emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy on April 30, 2021.