We’re leveraging Kerry’s international capabilities and will soon be prepared to explore opportunities in wind energy.


Agile logistics in Mozambique

July 11, 2024

Remy Bayiha Kodock, country manager for Kerry Project Logistics in Mozambique, talks to The Energy Year about driving innovation and efficiency in logistics projects and leveraging the company’s international strengths to pursue opportunities in the renewables sector. As the project arm of the global Kerry Logistics Network, Kerry Project Logistics specialises in large-scale and complex projects and re-supply logistics for the renewables, power, oil and gas, chemicals, mining, construction and infrastructure sectors.

What have been some of Kerry Project Logistics’s key engagements in recent years?
Kerry Project Logistics entered the Mozambican market in 2019 to capitalise on oil and gas opportunities in the north of the country. Leveraging our expertise in the region, we began by focusing on services such as transporting equipment from Pemba to the Afungi site via our fleet of landing craft. The venture proved successful, allowing us to establish a strong presence and ultimately secure major contracts for the LNG plant construction in Cabo Delgado.
Multiculturalism has been very important for our growth as it involves a combination of commercial and technical expertise insights from Europe and Mozambique. Our global perspective has been instrumental in securing projects from major contractors and has helped us grow across the region. Starting with a team of just three, Kerry Project Logistics Mozambique now has 50 employees.


How does the company structure its services to cater for the needs of different clients?
We prioritise flexibility and on-the-ground expertise. In Pemba, for example, we spent much time in the field working alongside our clients. By immersing ourselves in projects, we gain a deep understanding of our client’s needs and can react with agility to changing circumstances. This sets us apart and has helped us build lasting client relationships.

What are the main logistical challenges for oil and gas operations in Pemba and how can Kerry Project Logistics help overcome them?
The limitations of the ports in Pemba province for oil and gas operations are clear. Looking at the bigger picture, however, the potential of Cabo Delgado’s ports is exciting, and we are positioning ourselves by diversifying our portfolio. We provide maritime agency services, freight forwarding and integrated logistics services. With strong support from our headquarters in Milan, we emerged in a short period, as one of the main logistics players in Cabo Delgado.

Is the company planning to expand into other markets in the region?
Our core focus will remain on oil and gas projects in the north of Mozambique, but in 2023 we began expanding our service offerings in other parts of the country, leveraging Kerry’s international capabilities. Kerry Project Logistics is committed to exploring opportunities in Mozambique to decarbonise our solutions, in line with our Group’s commitments.

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