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Our vision for the future is to become an indisputable leader in Angola’s energy transition while keeping our core business in bunkering.


Dedicated to Angola’s future

March 18, 2024

Pedro Alexandre, general manager of Nopea Energy, talks to The Energy Year about the company’s key strategic and operational developments in 2023 and the trends driving activity in Angola’s bunkering sector. Nopea Energy provides services in bunkering; solar energy supply, installation and maintenance; logistics support; and warehousing.

What were the key strategic and operational developments for Nopea Energy in 2023?
In 2023 we significantly expanded our operations and reinforced our commitment to excellence and innovation. By adopting the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, we intensified our dedication to continuous improvement, ensuring that our services not only meet but exceed customer expectations.
The expansion of our offerings in photovoltaic generation systems demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and the future energy landscape of Angola. Additionally, we established vital strategic partnerships to cement our leadership in the Angolan market. We differentiate ourselves by being an entity in constant evolution and learning, aligning with market demands and the needs of our planet, with a particular focus on our country.

What are the key trends driving activity in Angola’s bunkering sector?
The bunkering sector in Angola is driven by several fundamental trends, with a growing emphasis on sustainability and environmental compliance. The IMO 2020 regulation has spurred demand for lower-sulphur fuels, encouraging the transition to cleaner options.
Our strategic position and significant maritime routes strengthen the country as a crucial logistical hub. Digitalisation and technological innovation are revolutionising the sector, making operations more efficient. Our political and economic stability attracts foreign investment and fosters international partnerships, which are crucial elements for the sector’s sustainable development.

What is the potential for Angola to become a regional bunkering hub?
Angola has enormous potential to establish itself as a regional fuel supply centre, with the construction and expansion of refineries playing a crucial role. This infrastructure is vital for diversifying the economy and increasing the capacity to produce petroleum derivatives, including low-sulphur fuels.
In addition to strengthening the bunkering sector, these refineries contribute to economic growth and social development, creating jobs and helping to develop local skills according to the strategy of national content development. We are committed to aligning our services with this vision, seizing the emerging opportunities in this dynamic scenario.


What role can Nopea Energy play in Angola’s energy transition towards renewable sources?
We are a catalyst in Angola’s energy transition, leading renewable energy projects, especially in photovoltaic generation. We are expanding our operations to include large-scale solar projects, thereby diversifying Angola’s energy matrix.
Strategic partnerships are essential for maximising the impact of our initiatives. Innovation and technological development are central to our strategy, as well as education and awareness about the benefits of renewable energies. Our experience in logistics and infrastructure enables us to overcome challenges and ensure that clean energy solutions are accessible to everyone.

What are the key challenges for Angola in increasing renewable energies in its energy mix?
Angola faces significant challenges in integrating renewable energies into its energy mix. The dependence on fossil fuels, the lack of adequate infrastructure, regulatory and policy issues, the tax legal framework, the development of local capacities and the need to increase awareness are all obstacles to overcome. An integrated and sustainable approach is crucial to overcoming these challenges and leveraging the potential of renewable energies.

How can Angolan private companies assist the country in its strategy to become an economic and logistics hub for the region?
Angolan private companies are fundamental in positioning Angola as an economic and logistics hub. By investing in infrastructure, establishing strategic partnerships, fostering innovation, promoting trade and exports, and adopting sustainable business practices, we can boost economic growth and strengthen Angola’s position in the region.
Involvement in the Lobito corridor project, the creation of a Lobito industrial free trade zone and the Lobito International Business Center, along with regional integration, are crucial aspects for maximising Angola’s potential.

What are Nopea Energy’s key strategic and operational goals for 2024?
Our goals for 2024 focus on sustainable growth and innovation. Expanding existing services, adopting advanced technologies, committing to sustainability and environmental responsibility, improving infrastructure, developing local talent and providing excellence in customer service are priorities.
Additionally, we aim to be a driving force in Angola’s energy transition by promoting renewable energy solutions and supporting initiatives aimed at diversifying the country’s energy mix.
Our vision for the future is to become an indisputable leader in Angola’s energy transition while keeping our core business in bunkering at the centre of our strategy. We aspire to be an example of innovation, sustainability and operational excellence, not only in the renewable energy sector but also in bunkering, by adapting to new environmental demands and market expectations. Our goal is to promote the use of cleaner and more efficient fuels, contributing to a more sustainable maritime industry in Angola and the region.
We commit to working closely with all stakeholders to build a safe, sustainable and accessible energy future where we play a vital role in the country’s energy diversification and the promotion of environmentally responsible bunkering practices. This vision aligns with our commitment to playing a role in national economic development and contributing to a greener, economically diversified Angola that is prepared to face the energy challenges of the future.

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