Khaled Nageib, CEO of Egyptian Ports Development Group (EPDG)

Khaled Nageib, CEO EPDG

May 23, 2019

Khaled Nageib, CEO of the Egyptian Ports Development Group, discusses Egypt’s modernisation programme for the oil and gas industry and its push to become a regional energy hub, thanks to the latest gas discoveries, its privileged geographical position, the available infrastructure and the local human resources capabilities.


In this video Khaled Nageib, CEO of Egyptian Ports Development Group (EPDG), talks to TOGY about the key elements of Egypt’s modernisation plan for the oil and gas industry. He welcomes the plan and identifies the Ministry of Petroleum as the principal actor.

Nageib describes how gas discoveries and LNG developments coupled with Egypt’s strong human capital bode well for plans to turn Egypt into a regional energy hub. Discussing bunkering as part of the energy hub initiative, Nageib said, “Egypt has an ideal location on the global shipping lanes.” EPDG is closely involved in the ports and bunkering side of the hub plan and participates in construction projects for the nation’s ports.

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