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With this level of commercial readiness, there is now a viable, commercial, and competitive alternative to crude oil delivered diesel.

NiQuan Energy makes GTL history in Trinidad

October 14, 2022

NiQuan Energy Trinidad Limited's Gas to Liquids Plant (NiQuan GTL) in Pointe-a-Pierre, Trinidad, West Indies, achieved on-specification delivery to its product storage tanks. With a 2,400-bpd capacity, NiQuan’s plant has achieved commercial readiness status. This historic milestone positions NiQuan as having the first commercial small-scale GTL plant of its kind in the world and the first operational plant of its kind in the Western Hemisphere.

NiQuan, its partners and stakeholders are doing their part towards delivering a decarbonised world and pioneering the future of sustainable clean energy with its clean GTL fuels.

The energy company’s paraffinic GTL diesel and naphtha products are 100% biodegradable, with near-zero sulphur content, near-zero aromatics, colourless qualities, odourless qualities and a very high cetane rating. These specifications allow for vehicles using GTL diesel to be classed as effectively emissions-free. NiQuan’s GTL Paraffinic Diesel is a drop-in fuel, requiring no engine modifications for use by road or marine transportation vehicles. This includes all levels of industry utilisation, from trucks to cargo ships.

Ainsley Gill, founder, group chief executive officer and director of NiQuan Energy, said: “It’s only impossible until it is achieved. With this level of commercial readiness, there is now a viable, commercial and competitive alternative to crude oil-delivered diesel, which advances the decarbonisation and emission-reduction targets under the COP26 Heads of Governments agreements. This is a blue-to-green solution. Clean blue natural gas converted to 100% green biodegradable GTL diesel.”

Trinidad and Tobago has been involved in oil production, petrochemical and refinery operations for 156 years since the first successful production well was drilled in 1866. The industrial estates of Trinidad are located at Point Lisas, Claxton Bay, Pointe-a-Pierre and Point Fortin, and boast several world-class petrochemical and industrial plants that have together made Trinidad and Tobago a world leader in the production of ammonia, urea, methanol and LNG. Trinidad and Tobago is once again a leader by having the first small-scale GTL plant in the world to add to its accolades.

Gill added, “We are thankful to the many partners and stakeholders, including: the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago; Emerging Fuels Technology, the Fischer Tropsch Catalyst technology provider; Topsoe A/S (formerly known as Haldor Topsoe), the Hydrocracker Catalyst provider; BD Energy Systems, LLC, the Engineer of Record; and FarmChem Engineering Management Ltd, our Commissioning Manager…for their steadfast commitment in helping us prove small-scale commercial GTL works. We are pleased to be able to announce today…we did it!”

The plant was formally opened in March 2021.


  • NiQuan Energy Trinidad Limited

NiQuan Energy LLC, located in Washington, D.C., was established in 2008. NiQuan Energy LLC is the parent company of NiQuan Energy Trinidad Limited which developed and operates the 2,400-bpd GTL Plant in Trinidad and Tobago. It is a clean energy company focused on delivering clean energy solutions to help decarbonise the world.

  • Emerging Fuels Technology

Established in 2007, Emerging Fuels Technology is a technology company focused on the development and implementation of methods for producing synthetic/renewable fuels and chemicals, from a variety of carbonaceous feedstocks such as natural gas, biogas, biomass, municipal solid wastes and carbon dioxide from industrial processes and from Direct Air Capture technology and bio-derived oils. The company is a recognised authority on Fischer-Tropsch synthesis.

  • Topsoe

Founded in 1940, Topsoe is a global leader in developing solutions for a decarbonized world, supplying technology, catalysts and services for worldwide energy transition. Topsoe’s mission of perfecting chemistry for a better world enables our partners and customers to achieve their decarbonisation and emission-reduction targets, including those in challenging sectors: aviation, shipping and production of crucial raw materials. From low-carbon or zero-carbon chemicals to renewable fuels and plastic upcycling, Topsoe is uniquely positioned to aid humanity in realising a sustainable future.

  • BD Energy Systems

BD Energy Systems, LLC located in Houston, Texas, USA, is a world leader in plant revamps and modernisations specialised in executing turnkey projects, revamps, modernisations and the supply of engineered process equipment including: furnaces for ammonia, methanol, hydrogen and GTL Plants, refinery plants, steel plants and petrochemical plants.

BD Energy Systems has executed more than 200 successful projects on ammonia, methanol, hydrogen and refinery plants of various designs. The range of projects covers: steam methane reformers, secondary reformers, boilers, burner replacements, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems, selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR) systems, combustion air preheater systems and much more.

  • FarmChem Engineering Management Ltd

FarmChem Engineering Management Ltd manages a complete range of experienced and accomplished engineering professionals, who have established Trinidad and Tobago as a unique and professional producer of engineers in refinery and petrochemical plant management. Our engineers are recognised globally for their professional engineering skills and commissioning management within the oil and gas sector.

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