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Our first priority is to invest in the Angolan people and local content. We are looking forward to investing more in training.
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Angolisation rateMore than 80%

ISQapave was founded in 2005 as a joint venture between Portugal’s ISQ and France’s Apave. The company is the largest inspection company in Angola. ISQapave has supported Angola in some of its most emblematic projects, including building roads, bridges and downstream assets. It is the first Angolan company to be awarded ABS’s ISO 9001-2015 certification. The company owns local labs to support its operations.

Primary services: The company provides certification, quality assurance, quality control and mechanical inspections, non-destructive testing and training services. 

Key clients: BP, Sonangol, Friedlander, Sonagas, Cimenfort Industrial and Ponticelli.

Company strategy: ASQapave aims to boost and diversify their offerings and explore new sectors such as mining. The company also aims to increase its footprint in non-destructive testing.

Local content: The company actively works to transfer knowledge to the local community in advanced non-destructive testing and new technologies.

Company website: www.isqapave.com


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