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Equatorial Guinea 2015 Launch

Equatorial Guinea 2015 Launch

October 9, 2015

The Oil & Gas Year Equatorial Guinea 2015 was launched at the Imagine restaurant in Malabo on October 9th, 2015.

The Oil & Gas Year Equatorial Guinea 2015 places special focus on the diversification of Equatorial Guinea’s hydrocarbons industry through the development of downstream projects that will change the economic structure of the country: the REPEGE complex, the Mbini Industrial City, the Petroleum Industrial City of Luba and the Bioko Oil Terminal.

The projects are fundamental to the country’s overall development strategy, which is established in the Horizon 2020 plan. Equatorial Guinea seeks to expand its role in the Gulf of Guinea by becoming a regional energy centre.

The Oil & Gas Year is published by Wildcat International, with its fifth edition in Equatorial Guinea produced in collaboration with the Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy and Centurion Law Group.

At the ceremony, the The Oil & Gas Year team distributed six awards. Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy Secretary General Agustín Mba Okomo was selected as the Person of the Year for his efforts to formalise the country’s national content rules through a new regulation passed in September 2014.

A veteran in the Equatoguinean oil and gas industry, Mobil Equatorial Guinea was named the Exploration and Production Company of the Year. In May 2015, the company saw its billionth barrel of oil pumped from the Zafiro field, which has provided more than $57.5 billion in revenues for the country.

The Fortuna floating LNG project received an award for being the Upstream Project of the Year. Operator Ophir Energy signed gas fiscal terms with the energy ministry and GEPetrol for the project in November 2014.

The award for Downstream Project of the Year went to the Bioko Oil Terminal, which is set to become Africa’s largest oil terminal with a final storage capacity of 1.2 mcm.

The Bata Thermal Station was named the Power Generation Project of the year. Construction on the station began in January 2015.

The ongoing domestic effort to combat malaria has been framed under the Bioko Island Malaria Control Project, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2014 and received the award for Corporate Social Responsibility Project of the Year.

One of The Oil & Gas Year Equatorial Guinea 2015’s most compelling chapters, the Year’s Focus, is dedicated to the country’s path to downstream diversification. Through interviews with ministry members and  company executives, as well as detailed project highlights, this chapter discusses the approach Equatorial Guinea is taking to become a regional energy trade centre.

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