March 3-5, 2015

The Global Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition (GOGCE) is an annual event sponsored by Kuwait Oil Company. Previously referred to by the Company as the KOC Town Hall Meeting, GOGCE has the stated objective of sharing Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) strategy, enhancing the relationships that exist between KOC and contractors, improving health, safety and environmental procedures and expanding the company’s knowledge base through the acquisition of advanced technologies.

The event will be held at the Kuwait International Fairground, starting with the opening ceremony at 9am on March 3, 2015. The exhibition runs for three days until March 5. The conference will be held on on March 4 and 5.

GOGCE serves as an excellent opportunity for KOC to exchange information with the community at large and provide them with details pertaining to the company’s activities and operations.

By raising awareness and strengthening the partnership between KOC and its contractors and suppliers, GOGCE plays an important role for KOC in its drive for broader business relationships and knowledge-based expansion. The conference also creates value for all participants by providing KOC staff and others with information related to the latest techniques, material, equipment and services on offer in the oil industry.

The event itself showcases KOC’s main groups, KOC’s contractors and suppliers and a number of local universities and private institutes. GOGCE’s activities are distributed over a three-day period in March, with many speeches and activities being held over the course of the event.