BG Group’s first LNG loading, train 2


BRISBANE, July 15, 2015 – BG Group has announced the first LNG loading and shipping from train 2 at Australia’s Queensland Curtis LNG facility. The resources left the plant via the Maran Gas Posidonia on July 14th.

With an expected capacity of around 8 million tonnes per year, estimates suggest that the Queensland Curtis LNG facility will be able to load a total of 10 ships each month.


While production at the plant’s first train began in the fourth quarter of 2014, commercial operations did not begin until May of 2015. Construction firm Bechtel Australia oversaw the commissioning of the infrastructure, after which control of the facility was transferred to QGC, BG Group’s Australian subsidiary. A similar process will be applied to train 2 prior to the start of commercial operations.

“We have already shipped more than 1.5 million tonnes of LNG from Queensland, and train 2 will add significant further volumes and flexibility to our LNG shipping and marketing portfolio,” Chief Executive of BG Group Helge Lund commented, as reported by MarketWatch.


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