Bidding to begin on C-26 pipeline

NEW DELHI, January 27, 2017 – Three offshore transportation and installation contractors have expressed interest in the remaining work on ONGC’s C-26 cluster subsea pipeline project, according to industry sources.


The companies hoping to finish the remaining work off India’s western coast include a consortium of Singapore’s Kreuz Subsea and India’s Das Offshore, UAE’s Valentine Maritime and Malaysia’s SapuraKencana. Abu Dhabi’s National Petroleum Construction Company was expected to participate, but did not attend. Two pipeline segments and some additional transportation and installation work remain.

The project was originally handed to Swiber Holdings in Singapore. However, the company was unable to finish the work due to financial woes and judicial actions against the firm, which include the seizing of three Swiber-linked vessels by a syndicate of banks earlier this month. ONGC sent a suspension notice to the company in December of last year.

Swiber was also working on ONGC’s Daman field development and Pipeline Replacement 4 projects, both of which were suspended in December. All three projects are expected to be worth around USD 750 million.

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