Brazil’s Alvopetro awards gas facility contract

BRASíLIA, September 24, 2018 – Brazilian independent Alvopetro Energy has awarded Enerflex a 10-year contract to build, own, operate and maintain a natural gas treatment facility in the state of Bahia, the company said in a Friday press release.


The facility will feature mechanical refrigeration unit technology that will enable Alvopetro to “manage a broader range of inlet natural gas specifications, making it ideal for accommodating our richer Gomo natural gas and natural gas from future discoveries and projects,” the statement said. The plant will also process gas from the Caburé field.

The plant is slated for commissioning in November 2019, with operations expected to start up before the end of that year. Alvopetro will pay Enerflex USD 2.9 million per year for the duration of the contract.

The treatment facility will allow Alvopetro to supply gas distributor Bahiagás with at least 150,000 cubic metres (5.3 mcf) per day for USD 5-8.50 per million Btu, starting by the end of 2019.

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