Peru’s struggle to tame the Amazon

Emergency declared in Peru oil regions


LIMA, February 29, 2016 – The Peruvian government has declared a 60-day state of emergency in the Amazonian Loreto region due to a pipeline rupture. Announced on Sunday, the declaration comes in the wake of two subsequent spills from the North Peruvian Pipeline on January 25 and February 3, respectively.


Spilling as many as 3,000 barrels of crude over the course of three days, the January 25 rupture in the Imaza-Chiriaco municipality saw oil pollute the Inayo, Chiriaco and Marañon rivers. The incident left some 100 people injured and affected around 4,500 people of the Suashapea, Pakunt, Chiriaco, Nuevo Progreso, Nazareth and Nuevo Horizonte tribes. According to the government, 16 Amazonian communities were affected in total.

The February pipeline rupture occurred in Datem del Marañon province and affected the Mayuriaga and Morona rivers. State-owned Petroperu, charged with failing to maintain the conduit, was fined about USD 4 million by the Energy and Mining Investment Supervisory Body.

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