Etu Energias announces lubricants production facility

LUANDA, March 8, 2024 – Angolan energy company Etu Energias launched its new lubricant line in partnership with Malaysian company Glide Lubricants and announced the creation of a joint-venture company to establish a lubricants production unit in Luanda that is expected to have a monthly capacity of 1,000 tonnes.

In an event on Wednesday March 6 in Luanda, Etu Energias chairman Edson Rodrigues Dos Santos and Glide Lubricants CEO Dato’ Haji Muhazli Bin Muhamad officially sealed an agreement that formalises the creation of an Etu Energias-controlled company that will construct and operate the lubricants-producing facility. Construction of the facility is expected to begin in early 2025 and will represent an investment of at least USD 5 million.

The event marked Etu Energias’s new lubricants line launch for the Angolan market. The company expects to achieve a 25% market share by 2029.

According to Dos Santos, this agreement is part of Etu Energias’s drive to become a fully integrated international energy company. The company plans to use Angola as an export point for lubricants from Angola to the entire region, as well as supply its growing network of fuel stations in the country.


“Today, we are running three petrol stations, and our vision is to go to about 40 petrol stations in the next four years,” Dos Santos said. “The launch of our new line of lubricants is the beginning of our ambitious downstream sector expansion.”

Etu Energias Distribution’s executive administrator, Pedro Mora, underlined the significance of being a local player with a plan to spur in-country manufacturing capabilities in this sector.

“One of the barriers that the Angolan market has been facing is the availability of product stock. Having stocks means making sales. Once we are producing, we will be able to directly cater to our customers in a more efficient manner,” Mora said. “We want to serve the Angolan society with products that are produced in Angola.”

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