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Gazprom to invest in Belarusian gas network

MOSCOW, February 25, 2016 – Gazprom will invest up to USD 2.5 billion in the Belarusian gas transportation network by 2020, the Kremlin press service said on Thursday. The announcement came ahead of President Vladimir Putin’s official visit to Minsk later on Thursday.


The press statement did not elaborate how specifically the USD 2 billion-2.5 billion investment would be spent. It did state that Gazprom had earmarked another USD 1.1 billion for the expansion of underground gas storage capacity.
Belarus is home to a 575-km section of Gazprom’s transnational Yamal-Europe gas pipeline. There are five compressor stations along the Belarusian stretch, Nesvizhskaya, Krupskaya, Slonimskaya, Minskaya and Orshanskaya.

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