Ghana to face power rationing: report

ACCRA, September 10, 2018 – The Institute of Energy Security (IES) has warned that power rationing in Ghana is imminent unless something can be done to alleviate Gridco’s massive debts, local media reported Sunday.


Gridco is owed money by ECG, Volta Aluminium Company, Volta River Authority, Great Consolidated Mines, Asogli Thermal Station, Ameri Power Plant, Nedcoo, Bui Power Plant and Karpowership, according to IES. ECG alone owed GHS 957 million (USD 202 million) in August but has since reduced this to GHS 253 million (USD 53.3 million).

The think tank added that inefficiencies in the network mean that already there are power losses of over 8%, Yen news agency reported.

“Knowing very well that Gridco has power challenges in terms of their outdated and inefficient distribution equipment, they will require enough funds to retool themselves and make their system of distribution more efficient,” IES executive director Anamua Sakyi said.

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