More protests over local content concerns at BPTT

PORT OF SPAIN, July 17, 2017 – Dozens of workers protested outside BPTT’s Galeota facilities on Saturday, claiming that contractors hired by BPTT have largely opted to employ foreign nationals for work that the protestors say can be conducted by locals.

The protests follow a massive recommitment of BP to Trinidad and Tobago’s hydrocarbons industry of USD 5 billion over the next five years and the development of the TROC and Juniper projects, among others. The decision not to construct the recently-sanctioned Angelin platform locally is one of many issues at the heart of the protestors’ grievances.

“Regarding BPTT’s decision to not construct the Angelin platform in Trinidad and Tobago and the protesting by La Brea residents, I am uncertain whether or not protestors understand their impact on the national economy,” Anita Hankey, vice-chairperson for the Reconstituted Permanent Local Content Committee, said in an interview with TOGY.


“One could question whether they are really concerned about the long-term sustainability of the country.”

The demonstration Saturday followed earlier protests at BPTT’s offices after 22 employees were fired in June. 

“We are protesting against a contractor… [who is] bringing in 95% of the people from the outside,” Bevon Weldings, a Guayamay Welding and Fabricating Association representative, told Trinidad and Tobago News Day, asserting that the community had plenty of welders, riggers, scaffolders and other specialists who were being brought in.

Industry operators cite cost and efficiency as key factors driving projects away from Trinidad and Tobago.

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