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Peru calls for bids on jungle blocks


LIMA, December 22, 2014 – Last week, Peru’s government called for bids on six new hydrocarbons exploration blocks in country’s eastern jungle regions, the first time new blocks have been licensed in the jungle since 2008.


The blocks to be licensed are 187 in the Madre de Dios Basin, 164 and 199 in the Loreto Basin, and blocks 169, 175, 189 and 195 in the Ucayali Basin, Peruvian state hydrocarbons licensing agency Perupetro announced.

Companies will be allowed to present bids until May, and Perupetro will announce a decision on August 28, Perupetro head Luis Ortigas said in a press conference on Monday. Ortigas added that at least 10 companies from the US, Canada, Russia and Latin America have already shown interest in the blocks.

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