Prelude FLNG

POSH Terasea wins tow contract with Shell


SINGAPORE, January 12, 2016 – POSH Terasea has won a contract to move Shell’s Prelude FLNG, the largest offshore hydrocarbons facility ever built, from Korea to Australia.

After completion, the vessel will be towed from Samsung’s Geoje shipyard in South Korea to Australia, a distance of more than 3,000 nautical miles, to the Browse LNG Basin, a gasfield 300 kilometres off the northwest coast of Australia.


POSH Terasea, a Singaporean offshore services joint venture between PACC Offshore Services Holdings and Terasea, will allocate five ships to manage the task. Prelude is 488 metres long and 74 metres wide with a fully loaded displacement capacity of 544,311 tonnes.

“Towing and positioning a floating facility that is about four times the size of a football field from Korea to a gasfield in Australia will be a massive and complex undertaking,” POSH Terasea president and director, Eric Ng said in a press release.

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