Mexico Salina Cruz refinery

Salina Cruz refinery to restart operations

MEXICO CITY, August 3, 2017 – Pemex will restart operations this week at the 330,000-bpd Salina Cruz refinery, international media reported Wednesday.

In an email to Bloomberg, a Pemex spokesperson said the refinery will run at about one-third of its capacity. The spokesperson did not comment on when full capacity would be reached again.


Salina Cruz was shut down in mid-June after a fire broke out in the refinery’s pumphouse. The fire, which injured several workers and killed one, was the result of severe flooding from tropical storm Calvin. The storm caused an oil spill at the plant’s waste containment ponds that eventually ignited.

Following the refinery’s shutdown, Pemex’s refined products output dropped to near-record lows. The state-owned company said at the end of July that it had had to import an additional 3.5 million barrels of petrol the previous month.

Industry analysts forecast imports to reach normal levels around September or October.

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