Search for kidnapped oil workers continues

ABUJA, July 31, 2017 – Acting Nigerian President Yemi Osinbajo ordered search and rescue missions for the oil survey workers kidnapped by suspected Boko Haram militants to be continued Sunday.

The statement followed the release Saturday of a video showing three members of the team apparently unharmed. The University of Maiduguri confirmed their identities.


“I want to advise that the use of excessive force is not the solution. We want to call on the federal government to meet this demand and, as promised, they will release us immediately,” one of the men said in the video.

At least 30 people have been killed since the kidnapping and attempted rescue of the team of oil survey workers in northern Nigeria last week.

“Some of these extraordinarily selfless Nigerians from the NNPC and the University of Maiduguri put their lives on the line that we and generations to come will enjoy the resources of this land. We will never forget that sacrifice,” acting President Osinbajo said in his statement Sunday.

The NNPC had recently resumed work in the area after pausing due to Boko Haram violence.

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