Field offshore Trinidad

Shell announces first gas from Starfish

PORT OF SPAIN, May 16, 2018 – Shell Trinidad has announced first gas from the Starfish field in the East Coast Marine Area (ECMA), three years after a previous unsuccessful startup, local media reported on Wednesday.


BG Group, which Shell purchased in February 2016, announced first gas from Starfish in December 2014, but production did not meet expectations. Shell has been working to develop the field since its merger with BG and purchase of the remaining 50% share in the field from Chevron.

“[Shell has made the] critical first step to rebuilding a sustainable gas supply to the country,” Derek Hudson, Shell vice-president and country chair for Trinidad and Tobago, said. He added that the company plans to increase production in the field to a peak capacity of 7.08 mcm (250 mcf) per day.

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