Shell Nigeria declares force majeure

ABUJA, May 11, 2016 – Shell’s Nigerian joint venture subsidiary on Wednesday declared force majeure on exports of Bonny Light, saying it had been in force since Tuesday 12.00 pm local time. According to Shell Petroleum Development Company, the decision came as a result of damage to the Nembe Creek Trunk line (NCT).


Commissioned in 2010, the 100-km NCT feeds the Bonny export terminal, and the disruption will affect the loading of seven cargoes, representing a combined volume 210,000 bopd. The Niger Delta NCT line has a capacity of 600,000 bopd. Gas supplies to the Bonny Island LNG facility continue uninterrupted.

While Shell Petroleum Development Company in its statement on Wednesday did not elaborate on the cause of the leak, the announcement comes at a time of an upsurge in violence. Last week, the newly formed Niger Delta Avengers attacked Chevron’s Okan facility. On Sunday, local media reported another two attacks on oil and gas infrastructure.

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