Gas exploration activities in Peru by Argentina's Pluspetrol are being protested.

Strike against Pluspetrol Lot 108 resumes


PICHANAQUI, February 10, 2015 – Members of indigenous groups in the Junin region of Peru have begun a strike to protest a lack of information and open dialogue regarding one of Argentinian company Pluspetrol’s gas exploration projects.

The residents of the central city of Pichanaqui are attempting to delay operations at Lot 108, which was awarded to Pluspetrol in 2005.


Congressman Federico Pariona stated that the residents are seeking transparency and access to information about project details, as well as assurances that the project would not harm or pollute the environment.

In September 2013, members of indigenous groups in the area ended their initial strike at Lot 108, after open dialogue with the Peruvian government was promised.

Pluspetrol is already involved in separate disputes regarding other projects, including a production halt at 14 of the company’s oil wells near the Tigre River in northern Peru due to strikes carried out by locals. This protest is related to environmental concerns as well.