Nigeria oil spill

UK court lets Nigeria Shell case continue

LONDON, May 25, 2018 – A London court ruled Thursday that a Nigerian community affected by Shell oil spills had the right to revive litigation for another year.


In 2015, Shell agreed to pay the Bodo community in Ogoniland of Rivers state GBP 55 million to clean up after two 2008 oil spills. The local arm of the IOC had argued that litigation should end in October 2018 or 2019 unless the company fails to pay for the clean-up.

The judge found that the litigation, which is currently on hold, should remain stayed and could be reactivated without conditions attached through July 2019.

“The message is clear – Shell must clean up this appalling oil spill and the Bodo community will keep on with its legal case until they are confident that it will do so,” Dan Leader, the Bodo community’s lead lawyer, was quoted as saying by Reuters.

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