InterOil’s expanding oil and gas service offering in Angola TEY_post_-Charly-CADALEN

We are not just sustaining our leadership in core areas but also expanding our role as a versatile and trusted contractor.


InterOil’s expanding oil and gas service offering in Angola

February 26, 2024

Charly Cadalen, general manager of InterOil Angola, talks to The Energy Year about the company’s strategic priorities, areas of expected growth, the steps it’s taking to evolve its portfolio of services and its commitment to Angola and the environment. InterOil Angola offers an extensive range of oil and gas services.

What are the updates on InterOil Angola’s integrated base in Viana?
Our base remains a strategic asset and is undergoing continuous investment for our integrated storage and transportation services. On top of having one of the largest chemical-product storage capacities in Angola, we have added 5,000 square metres to increase storage capacity, and we are increasing the warehouse capacity by over 50%. These advancements are aligned with the additional requirements of our partners such as Saipem and key clients such as TotalEnergies.
Beyond Viana, we’re also significantly investing in our people, with a high level of activity foreseen over the next few years. Indeed, our logistics services have broadened, and we’ve recently commenced support for new clients such as McDermott, demonstrating our commitment to growth and diversified client support.

Where is InterOil Angola looking for expansion and growth in today’s market?
InterOil is driving growth by broadening its service portfolio, consolidating our position as a leader in offshore accommodation, branching out into bespoke vessel features and specialised lifting – both onshore and offshore – and taking part in EPC projects.
We keep providing integrated solutions such as maintenance, inspections and flare tip replacements for Chevron with our partner Conbit. We have successfully decommissioned three of them already, with more to come as a clear demonstration of our competence in this area.
In response to complex client needs, we have also developed innovative pipe installation techniques and in partnership with MPL [Marine Platforms], we handle highly specialised vessel requirements. We are not just sustaining our leadership in core areas but also expanding our role as a versatile and trusted contractor for our clients in the dynamic oil and gas market in Angola.


What are your strategic priorities concerning your newer service segments?
We want to continue developing our logistics services and carve a niche in the heavy-lifting and EPC markets, both onshore and offshore. This is an area we plan to explore with multinational corporations and with our partners, with strong expansion possibilities in Angola and possibly in other African countries in which InterOil operates.
Aside from this, we plan to grow by 20% per year over the next five years, shifting our primary focus from marine services towards brownfield and installation services. This pivot isn’t indicative of a forecasted decline in marine activities but rather reflects our ambition to amplify our presence in other thriving market segments.
Our goal is to expand our logistics services portfolio and establish a solid foothold in the EPC market. Leveraging our deep understanding of the sector’s challenges and dynamics, we feel well equipped to help our clients avoid high installation costs. Our marine contracts will pivot to address more specialised and complex client needs. Furthermore, we plan to double our maintenance activities, as we perceive significant future potential in this area.

How does InterOil Angola integrate environmental responsibility into its corporate philosophy?
InterOil Angola has always strictly adhered to the HSEQ requirements of our industry, but our commitment extends beyond simple compliance. We actively participate in local sustainability initiatives, such as in our renewed partnership with Cambeu. Together we deeply value education as a catalyst for change.
Our second book promoting environmental consciousness was published and has a special focus on the Lobito and Benguela regions. Such initiatives highlight our environmental responsibility as an integral facet of our corporate identity and contribution to the Angolan society.

What is the vision of the future for InterOil’s activities in Angola?
InterOil Angola is firmly anchored in local resilience, adaptability and sustained growth. We have been a flexible partner, continually supporting our clients’ needs in Angola for 20 years, regardless of market volatility. We have consistently retained our workforce and contributed to the country’s economic development, reaffirming that our engagement is a long-term commitment. We are here to invest, thrive and fuel shared prosperity in Angola’s promising future.

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