Nigeria Power Infrastructure Map 2021 free download

November 19, 2021

To accompany the release of The Energy Year Nigeria 2021 we are offering our Nigeria Power Infrastructure 2021 map for free. This high-resolution PDF map is available to download now.

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Nigeria has more than 12.5 GW of generation capacity but less than 5.5 GW reaches end users. Given the low electrification rate and acute power deficit, the Ministry of Power has initiated a “power revolution” to boost installed capacity to 25 GW by 2025. As part of this scheme, there is a move to upgrade transmission and distribution systems in the country, in addition to the construction of 5,109 kilometres of distribution lines.

Nigeria Power Infrastructure Map 2021


Nigeria Power Infrastructure Map 2021

A total of USD 1.6 billion is destined for the Transmission Rehabilitation and Expansion Program (TREP), which aims to rehabilitate and expand the nation’s transmission infrastructure to stabilise the grid and achieve optimum performance. Financers of this quest include the World Bank, the African Development Bank, Japan International Cooperation Agency and the EU. Nigeria’s former Minister of Power, H.E Engr. Sale Mamman, told The Energy Year that the TREP is a Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN)-focused initiative to improve and extend the transmission system, centered on the assets of the TCN and the transmission master plan, which is originally within the framework of the nation’s transmission expansion plan.

TCN has targeted three phases to improve the flow of electricity from power plants to end users. Phase one will see operational capacity brought up to 7 GW through the resolution of bottlenecks, more complex work in phase two will bring throughput up to 11 GW and the third phase will increase generation to 25 GW.

TCN’s work has already seen considerable improvement to the system. Engr. Sule Ahmed Abdulaziz, managing director and CEO of TCN, told The Energy Year, “TCN has improved grid stability by recalibration and reconfiguration of transmission lines and transformers protection schemes which have been prone to frequent system disturbances through the setting up of a functional protection department in the head office. This has drastically reduced system collapses.”

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