The creation of a sustainable tomorrow TEY_post_Antonio_Azevedo_Campos

We are confident that, with the right actions, Kuwait can become a leading example of sustainable development in the region and beyond.

The creation of a sustainable tomorrow TEY_post_Abdullah_Al_Rqobah

Supporting the energy transition can help diversify Kuwait's economy by creating new jobs and business opportunities in the energy sector.


The creation of a sustainable tomorrow

April 26, 2023

António Azevedo Campos and Abdullah Al Rqobah, co-founders of Energy & Beyond - HUB2ENERGY, talk to The Energy Year about the role the company can play in Kuwait's energy sector and how it can contribute to the country's sustainability goals. Energy & Beyond aims to contribute to Kuwait’s sustainable objectives and transitional energy needs.

What role can Energy & Beyond – HUB2ENERGY play in Kuwait’s energy sector?
António AZEVEDO CAMPOS: Energy & Beyond – HUB2ENERGY is a Kuwait-based company that aims to make a significant impact on the country’s energy sector through its emphasis on sustainability and innovative solutions. The company draws upon its international experience and brings together experts from around the world to help clients capitalise on energy transition opportunities.
The company’s key strengths are its ability to support public policy and commercial decision-making and grow the better use of sustainable technologies in the oil and gas sector. Additionally, the company works in the intersections of innovation, social equity, environmental sustainability and finance to provide specialist support to help fill gaps, design actionable strategies and build lasting capabilities in Kuwait. By partnering with international companies, Energy & Beyond – HUB2ENERGY can effectively implement the best solutions and drive Kuwait’s sustainable energy transition.


How can Energy & Beyond contribute to Kuwait’s sustainability goals?
Abdullah AL RQOBAH: Energy & Beyond – HUB2ENERGY can contribute to Kuwait’s sustainability goals in several ways, such as by providing expertise and support for renewable energy projects, guiding policymakers in developing sustainable energy policies and regulations to promote renewable energy sources, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The company can also support energy efficiency initiatives, such as building retrofitting programmes and energy measures to reduce energy consumption and lower carbon emissions.
Additionally, Energy & Beyond – HUB2ENERGY can invest in clean energy technology and work with local companies to invest in innovation and solutions that can help Kuwait meet its targets. Our expertise in energy transition strategies and development can make a significant contribution to Kuwait creating a more sustainable energy future.

What is your strategy to grow Energy & Beyond’s footprint in Kuwait?
AAR: Energy & Beyond – HUB2ENERGY is committed to facilitating technology transfer and fostering a global network of partners and experts who can assist Kuwait in accessing the most advanced and up-to-date clean energy technologies from around the world. The company can provide technical assistance and support for the transfer of these technologies and share best practices with Kuwait, including installation, training and maintenance.
These two pillars can help accelerate the adoption of sustainable energy solutions in Kuwait and support the country’s transition towards a low-carbon economy. By doing so, it can help diversify Kuwait’s economy by creating new jobs and business opportunities in the energy sector. Energy & Beyond – HUB2ENERGY aims to become a hub for innovation and technology transfer, promoting collaboration and knowledge to be shared between its clients and industry experts in sustainable energy solutions, thus contributing to its presence in Kuwait and the region. Collaboration powers a sustainable tomorrow.

How is Kuwait doing in terms of making its sustainability goals a reality?
AAC: Kuwait has made progress in setting sustainability goals and policies, but there is still much work to be done to make these goals a reality.
Vision 2035 is ambitious, aiming to reduce carbon emissions in Kuwait reinforced in the last COP27. These commitments demonstrate Kuwait’s efforts to address climate change, move towards a more sustainable future and increase the share of renewable energy in its energy mix.
The country has taken positive steps towards diversifying this energy mix by investing in renewable energy projects, with the Shagaya project being a landmark initiative in Kuwait. Additionally, sustainable projects such as the Umm Al Hayman’s PPP project for wastewater treatment have been implemented. However, progress towards achieving sustainability goals has been slow due to the country’s heavy reliance on oil and gas.
Nevertheless, there is a growing recognition of the need for change and the importance of taking more significant steps towards sustainability. In this regard, we know that green hydrogen can play a significant role in meeting Kuwait’s goals.
HUB2ENERGY can be a valuable strategic partner in this endeavour, providing tailor-made solutions for each industry and leveraging the latest technologies and expertise.
Our team firmly believes that Kuwait has the potential to exceed its target of generating 15% renewable energy by 2035. We are committed to presenting innovative projects and initiatives to help make this goal a reality and anticipate this achievement. By working together and prioritising sustainability, Kuwait can pave the way for a cleaner and more sustainable future for generations to come.
We are confident that, with the right actions, Kuwait can become a leading example of sustainable development in the region and beyond. Working together, we can create a sustainable tomorrow.

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