Valero’s strategic position in the Gulf of Mexico Carlos-GARCÍA

Mexico has a high potential for infrastructure development.

Carlos GARCÍA Director-General VALERO MEXICO

Valero’s strategic position in the Gulf of Mexico

November 23, 2022

Carlos García, director-general of Valero Mexico, talks to The Energy Year about the strategic position of the company’s refineries in the Gulf of Mexico and its plans for increasing its storage and logistics capacity. Valero is the world’s largest independent petroleum refiner and the second-largest producer of renewable fuels.

How important is the Mexican market for Valero?
Valero is the world’s largest independent refiner and has a very strong logistics network that allows us to supply the highest-quality fuels from our refineries directly to Mexico. This has allowed us to contribute to the country’s energy security and capacity.
At Valero Mexico, we are aware that the Mexican market is of great importance and we know that the country has a high potential for infrastructure development. That is why we are committed to long-term investments in the country to contribute to the development of Mexico’s energy infrastructure with far-reaching projects.

What strategic position do Valero’s refineries have in the Gulf of Mexico?
For Valero, having a logistics network for a secure and agile supply is fundamental to satisfy the energy demand required by the country. We are geographically positioned in the Gulf of Mexico to be able to take our products to the four corners of the globe, and thus be able to supply high-growth markets such as Mexico. In addition to this logistics network in the country, we have a consolidated network in the United States, which allows us to provide a safe and reliable supply to that country.


What is Valero’s commitment to increasing its storage and logistics capacity in Mexico?
Having a high storage capacity is essential to meet Mexico’s energy demand, and to achieve a secure supply for our customers and for the end consumer. Together with our strategic partners, we are currently in the process of developing infrastructure to increase storage capacity in the different terminals located in strategic geographical areas of the country.
The short-term goal is to have a storage capacity of 6 million barrels, in order to contribute to the energy capacity required by Mexico. The storage terminal being built in Altamira is an example of this new infrastructure that we want to consolidate in order to contribute to Mexico’s energy capacity.

Tell us about your retail and logistics network.
Our current network includes 144 service stations, with a presence across 14 states. That is to say, we are already present in half of the states in the country. Our network of service stations is backed by a very solid logistics network that gives us the opportunity to deliver a safe and agile supply of fuels of the highest quality from different refineries.

What differentiated products do you offer to end users at your retail stations?
In all our service stations in Mexico, we have the same fuels that we market in other countries, always with the highest quality. Our customers have options such as Supreme 93 petrol, the only one in the Mexican market with 93 octane – a higher-octane rating provides better combustion. Regular gasoline with Propel Tech, which is an additive that cleans vital parts of the engine’s fuel system. And lastly, an ultra-low-sulphur diesel, which is an important contribution to reducing pollutant emissions.

What key objectives and aims does the company have in the coming years?
Valero Mexico’s goal in the short term is to have a storage capacity of 6 million barrels. That is why we focus our efforts on strengthening energy infrastructure to ensure an adequate supply of fuel. In terms of service stations, we continue to make progress in consolidating our network.

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