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Unlocking LNG resources in Africa – CAPE VIII

Unlocking LNG resources in Africa – CAPE VIII

May 16-19, 2022

Unlocking Africa’s oil and gas potential is now imperative against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine and the resulting crude, diesel, and gas supply crunch. This has rendered European dependence on Russian energy untenable, creating a major opportunity for Africa to position itself as a crucial option to increase the supply to the global energy markets. However, significant challenges remain for the continent's hydrocarbon producers to suddenly ramp up their production due to infrastructure, finance, and technology deficits.

African countries with major LNG resources, such as Nigeria, Angola, Libya, and Algeria, suffer from limited and underdeveloped pipeline networks, refineries, jetties, terminals, and ports. Additionally, incentivising foreign investment is often problematised by a host of risk factors, including political instability, local insecurity issues and financial institutions shifting investments from fossil fuels to renewables. Finally, securing the latest technology to facilitate local content development has proven cost prohibitive given the reliance on foreign intellectual property and the continual brain drain of key local human capital.

These ideas and more will be discussed at The African Petroleum Producers Organization (APPO), the Government of the Republic of Angola, and AMETrade are pleased to organise the 8th African Petroleum Congress and exhibition (CAPE VIII). The event will take place from 17th-19th May, in Luanda, Republic of Angola. It will feature a high-level strategic three-day conference, B2B trade exhibition, technical and touristic site visits, awards and essay competitions.

The African Petroleum Congress and Exhibitions (CAPE) is established as the largest and the most influential oil and gas event in Africa, it seeks to provide investors the opportunity to have deeper information and knowledge of the oil and gas industry in Africa. CAPE started in 2003 and will take place this year for the first time in Angola under the theme is “Energy Transition: Challenges and Opportunities in the African Energy, Oil and Gas Industries”.

CAPE VIII will feature three days of high-level strategic conference including: keynote speeches, panel discussions, trade exhibitions as well as a series of social functions to allow participants to network in an enjoyable atmosphere. From exploration to distribution, production, refining and transport of oil and gas, as well as finance and different support services, every company involved in the oil and gas industry who wants to set up or reinforce their position in Africa, should be present at CAPE VIII.