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The Daandine power station receives gas from nearby Daandine field.

Arrow Energy assigns contract for Daandine expansion

DALBY, June 9, 2015 – Australian engineering and construction company WDS, in a 50-50 joint venture with China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corporation, have received a balance of works contract for Australian gas producer Arrow Energy’s Daandine expansion project in Queensland, Australia. The project scope involves the installation and commissioning of three compression stations.

The contract was given as part of a construction master services agreement made with Arrow Energy in 2014 and is worth nearly $25.3 million.

The Daandine expansion project will see the expansion of central gas processing facilities along with the Daandine and Stratheden gasfields, as well as improvements made to the Daandine reverse osmosis water treatment plant.


Daandine production field supplies gas to the 30-MW Daandine power station, located 40 kilometres west of Dalby. The power station first began generating in 2006.

“This section of works is the remaining portion of the current Daandine expansion project,” said WDS CEO and managing director Laurie Voyer in a company statement.


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