Canada's Braya launches renewable diesel production

Canada’s Braya launches renewable diesel production


COME BY CHANCE, February 23, 2024 – Braya Renewable Fuels has launched renewable diesel production at its refinery in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, with feedstock including soybean oil and distiller’s corn oil.

The refinery, located in the Atlantic coastal town of Come By Chance, began commercial operations with an initial capacity of 18,000 bpd, the company announced on Thursday.


“The refinery’s strategic location enables it to source low-carbon-intensity feedstocks from anywhere in the world while delivering sustainable fuels to low-carbon markets in North America and Europe,” the company’s website says.

Braya, which is held with a controlling interest of 80% by Dallas-based Cresta Fund Management, is among the world’s largest independently owned renewable fuel producers.

Cresta has led a conversion project at the idled petroleum refinery since its November 2021 acquisition of the stake.

The company’s future plans include expanding capacity, adding sustainable aviation fuel production capabilities and exploring green hydrogen production.