G7 member agree to increase renewables capacity

G7 members agree to increase renewables capacity

SAPPORO, April 17, 2023 – G7 ministers have agreed to up 2030 solar and wind targets in an effort to phase out fossil fuels, Reuters reported on Monday.

Under the new commitment, members will raise offshore wind capacity to 150 GW and solar capacity to 1 TW by 2030.


The move is part of the group committing to becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

The group did not endorse a proposed 2030 deadline of phasing out the use of coal for energy production due to energy shortfalls.

“In the midst of an unprecedented energy crisis, it’s important to come up with measures to tackle climate change and promote energy security at the same time,” said Japan’s Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Participants met at a conference on Sunday in Sapporo, Japan.

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