Etienne Ngoubou

Gabon oil minister replaced

LIBREVILLE, January 10, 2017 – Gabon’s Minister of Petroleum and Hydrocarbons, Etienne Dieudonné Ngoubou, has been replaced, the government announced late on Monday.


Minister of Economy Pascal Houangni Ambourouet will take over from Ngoubou. Ambourouet himself will be succeeded by Noël Mboumba. TOGY has had several interviews with Ngoubou, most recently in 2016, when the minister spoke about the state of the oil and gas industry in Gabon, saying the country had “a future with oil.”

“we are not excluding finding a lot more, both on onshore and offshore sites. With the reforms that have been implemented in recent years, we have managed to increase production in 2015, with a little more than 11 million barrels instead of the expected 10 million. This shows us the sector’s vitality,” Ngoubou said at that time.

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