A power plant in Ghana

Ghana to source gas from Equatorial Guinea

ACCRA, June 4, 2014 – The Ministry of Energy and Petroleum of Ghana said on Friday that the country is completing an agreement to source gas from Equatorial Guinea to power its thermal plants.

Thomas Akabza, chief director of Ghana’s Ministry of Energy and Petroleum, said the paperwork on the deal had almost been completed.


Any gas distribution agreement between the two countries would tie in to the continuing negotiations over forming a regional gas company, also involving Côte d’Ivoire.

Akabza highlighted the Gulf of Guinea Regional Gas Company as one of the short-term measures to address the country’s energy crisis. He was speaking at a forum run by the Institute of Economic Affairs in order to address the crisis.

Ghana receives gas from Nigeria, but currently in too small a quantity to power the nation consistently. The country has experienced a power crisis as a result.

Several weeks of continuous power cuts have led to the Electricity Corporation of Ghana publishing a load shedding timetable. It is hoped the rolling blackouts

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