KPC Manager of Corporate Relations Jamal S. Al Sanoosi and TOGY's Country Director

KPC signs agreement with TOGY

KUWAIT CITY, March 13, 2018 – Yesterday, KPC and The Oil and Gas Year (TOGY) renewed the communications agreement signed last year between the two parties. It will see the TOGY Kuwait series of books and the TOGYiN platform report on the state-owned corporation as it manages the nation’s hydrocarbon reserves.

Both sides agreed that the TOGY Kuwait 2017 edition was a success, and decided to extend the relationship. Both sides pledged to make this year’s edition a success, and build upon last year’s relationship.


A key outcome of the agreement will be the TOGY Kuwait 2018 edition. Of note, the Kuwait 2018 edition will portray KPC and its subsidiaries’ strategic visions to drive the expansion and modernization of the Kuwaiti hydrocarbons industry.

KPC’s 2040 strategic communications strategy focuses on external stakeholder engagement, which goes hand in hand with the TOGY Kuwait 2018 edition, given that TOGY has a C-Suite level international readership.  The signing underscores both parties’ ambition to further develop the international communications of a globally important oil player.

The Oil & Gas Year provides business intelligence, strategic communication and networking to the global energy industry. It is the leading oil and gas publication and covers more than 35 oil and gas markets worldwide and distributes to 200+ conferences in 101 countries.

The agreement was signed by KPC Manager of Corporate Relations Jamal S. Al Sanoosi and TOGY’s Country Director (pictured left).

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