Kuwait to export first light crude

KUWAIT CITY, June 7, 2018 – Kuwait is planning its inaugural exports of light crude by the end of the month, following the successful launch of separation facilities at the Jurassic gas project.

Minister of Oil Bakheet Al Rashidi made the announcement on Wednesday, as reported by state news agency KUNA.


The Jurassic gas project centres around a large accumulation of tight gas, and recently started up its first early production facilities (EPFs), which separate light crude.

The West Rawdatain and the Umm Niqa and Al Sabriya EPFs were launched in January. Each station has a capacity of around 4 mcm (140 mcf) of gas per day and 40,000 bopd of light crude.

Kuwaiti oilfield services company Spetco undertook the West Rawdatain station after winning a USD 377-million contract in 2016.

The Umm Niqa and Al Sabriya facility was built by Schlumberger under a USD 474.4-million contract, also signed in 2016. It is the first of two EPFs to be undertaken by the US company as part of the contract. When the second, East Rawdatain, is brought on line, the project’s free gas production will reach 14.2 mcm (500 mcf) per day, while light oil production is expected to rise to 200,000 bopd.

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