Mexico’s Altamira Fast LNG passes final approval

Mexico’s Altamira Fast LNG passes final approval

MEXICO CITY, June 6, 2023 – New Fortress Energy has received an export permit for its Altamira Fast LNG project off the coast of Tamaulipas, Mexico, the US energy player announced on Friday.

The Secretariat of Energy granted the company authorization to export 7.8 million tonnes through April 2028.

The Altamira Fast LNG project will have an original capacity of 1.4 million tonnes per year of LNG through its first FLNG, which is currently under construction and is 90% complete.


Deployment of the vessel to the field is expected to happen in June 2023.

The company plans on deploying multiple 1.4-million-tonne FLNGs to the site. Gas will be delivered via TC Energy’s Sur de Texas-Tuxpan pipeline.

New Fortress Energy has already received approvals from the US government to ship LNG to the USA and other countries under free trade agreements.

“This permit is the final piece to the puzzle for launching our first Fast LNG in Altamira,” said Wes Edens, chairman and CEO of New Fortress Energy.

“Obtaining this authorization not only paves the way for operations to commence at our new LNG hub in Q3 2023, but it also advances our efforts to expand access to cleaner, cheaper and more reliable energy to customers around the world.”

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