Nigeria militants

Niger Delta militants threaten oil ops

ABUJA, August 11, 2017 – Eight Niger Delta militant groups said on Thursday that they would resume bombings on oil and gas facilities in the region in September, rejecting the negotiations between the government and the Pan Niger Delta Forum (Pandef).


The Coalition of Niger Delta Agitators called for oil operators as well as northerners and Yoruba to leave the Niger Delta area by October 1. The group also demanded the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and services companies relocate to the region, the transfer of assets to locals and the independence of the region. The coalition, a platform of eight Niger Delta groups, declared it would begin “Operation Zero Oil” on September 10.

“We hereby call on all agitating groups to resume attacks/bombings on all oil/gas pipelines, especially the exporting lines across the Niger Delta region from September 10, 2017. This is to ensure zero oil/gas production before October 1, 2017,” the group’s statement read. “We shall work to interface with more patriotic and zealous Niger Delta people to work out [a] new collective approach that will ensure total freedom and complete control of our resources by any means necessary.”

After a meeting last week with Pandef, an umbrella group of leaders and traditional elders representing militants and other stakeholders in the region, acting President Yemi Osinbajo presented a series of measures to meet the demands of Niger Delta residents. The Coalition of Niger Delta Agitators was one of several groups that spoke out before the meeting, saying Pandef did not represent them.

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