Pemex gas station

Pemex tries to quell fuel shortage panic in Mexico

MEXICO CITY, January 10, 2019 – Pemex on Wednesday released a statement urging locals not to panic over recent fuel shortages across Mexico resulting from the government’s new strategy to halt fuel theft.

The NOC asked consumers to avoid “extraordinary” purchases of fuel, which could further exacerbate supply issues.


“We urge the population not to fall into speculation and ask for the collaboration of all Mexicans to act with prudence and serenity; to ignore false news or unfounded rumours as the supply of fuels is normalised,” the statement said.

Over the weekend, military personnel were positioned at nearly 60 key facilities around Mexico and fuel transport pipelines were shut off as part of an operation to identify and take down fuel thieves, which are responsible for billions of dollars in annual losses.

In other news from Mexico, Pemex has told New York investors that it expects to receive at least USD 1.25 billion in capital support from the government before the end of the year, Reuters reported on Wednesday.

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