Bosporus oil tanker

Turkey to heighten security on energy supplies


ISTANBUL, August 6, 2015 – After a string of attacks by Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militants on oil and gas pipelines in Turkey, the government will heighten security to protect infrastructure in the country, energy officials announced Thursday. The country will use thermal cameras and patrols on horseback to secure its energy supplies.

A recent attack on pipeline carrying crude oil from northern Iraq to Turkey has set the countries back by more than $250 million after repair work lasted a week. While the South Caucasus Pipeline was also targeted by militants on Tuesday, BP’s scheduled maintenance on Sunday had already halted the flow of gas.


Turkey is dependent on importing its energy from neighbouring countries with 98 percent of its natural gas and 90 percent of its crude oil stemming from imports.

“The risks for companies who are supplying to or through Turkey has increased quite a bit in light of recent attacks,” an unnamed energy official told Reuters.

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