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Many companies will need to implement new rules regarding radiation, something the MX2 Radiation team is highly qualified to help with.

Mateus KINDAI General Director MX2 RADIATION

Radiation protection training benefits the Angolan market

January 24, 2024

Mateus Kindai, general director of MX2 Radiation, talks to The Energy Year about the company's presence in the Angolan market for training and consultancy in radiological protection and the sectors that can benefit from its experience. MX2 Radiation offers consultancy and training services in radiological protection.

What is the footprint of MX2 Radiation in the Angolan radiation protection training and consultancy market?
Companies are increasingly demanding training for their employees for activities that involve the use of radioactive sources, as well as more specific training in areas such as industrial radiography, well logging and nuclear gauges.
MX2 Radiation offers training in radiation protection to companies in the oil sector, as well as directly to operators. We are also involved in the mining industry, where we provide training, calibration services for radiation meters and occupational dosimetry. We also prepare bunker projects and research.
Our team is made up of Angolan technicians, engineers and nuclear physicists, and we continue to recruit local experts in this area.
We are licensed by the Atomic Energy Regulatory Authority (AREA) to carry out our activities and INEFOP [National Institute of Employment and Professional Training], an institution that regulates professional training in Angola. We are also registered with MIREMPET [Ministry of Mineral Resources and Petroleum and Gas] and certified by the ANPG.

What sectors can benefit most from MX2 Radiation’s experience?
The market in general can benefit. A wide range of sectors have benefited from MX2 Radiation’s services. Although the company already serves the oil and mining industries, it can also provide significant benefits for the civil construction, beverage, metallurgy and automobile sectors, among others. We have noted that some of these sectors have not yet fully adopted radioprotection measures in accordance with international standards, and we are seeking technical solutions to fill this gap.
In the oil and gas sector, our growth is directly linked to the development of exploration and production companies.


How intense is the competition for contracts in the oil and gas sector?
Previously there was no public competition; everything worked by direct award. Our recently obtained contracts, for example, are the result of public bidding. Competition offers us the opportunity to participate in the market and showcase our services, both in the oil and gas sector and in the mining sector.

What growth levels do you expect to achieve in 2024?
We are optimistic about our growth potential in 2024 and expect a considerable increase of at least 30%. This perspective is based on knowledge of the Angolan market and our perception that part of the industrial sector still lacks specialised service.
Furthermore, the recent publication of government regulations for the licensing and operation of facilities with activities involving radiation opens up opportunities, as many companies will need to implement new rules, something the MX2 Radiation team is highly qualified to help with.

How will recruitment and employment processes be impacted by your growth next year?
Since October 2023, we have been training five more nuclear physicists in the Angolan market to serve certain sectors. For example, we will need to bring many more talents to the company for the construction sector. All of our trainers who currently make up our team of consultants and trainers come from the Angolan market, and it is from here that we will recruit more employees.

What will MX2 radiation be like in five years?
MX2 is at the service of radiological safety. In five years, MX2 Radiation will be an established company with good references in the radiation protection training, consultancy and solutions sector. We will seek strategic partnerships with other companies to expand our service offering in specific areas.
We envision a growing company that is recognised in the market for its excellence in customer service and the quality of services offered. Furthermore, we envision a work environment where our employees represent an integral part of the company, feel valued and are proud to be part of the team, representing the company with dedication and satisfaction.

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