EY Peru’s Managing partner Paulo Pantigoso

Peru is a good destination to build an opportunity.

Investment growth: EY’s Paulo Pantigoso video interview

February 19, 2015

EY Peru’s Managing partner Paulo Pantigoso gave a brief video interview to TOGY at the first TOGY Strategic Roundtable in Peru “The evolution of Peru’s operating environment.” EY is a London-headquartered company that provides consulting, tax and audit services around the world. In Peru, EY serves a range of industries including oil and gas and has published a comprehensive investment guide for the country.


Do these kinds of gatherings, sharing ideas, experience and suggesting solutions help to reinforce Peru’s oil and gas image and win foreign direct investors today?

We are really glad to support the initiative of The Oil & Gas Year. I guess that we can strongly boost opportunities to invest in Peru by having the opportunity to offer gas not only to common people, but also to specialised industrial people. We can show investors around the world that Peru is a good destination to build an opportunity, to invest and to form good relations, not just with the private investors in a joint venture or such like, but also with the government.


You are managing partner for EY and an expert dedicated to the oil and gas industry. How do you see Peru is the country going to be able to match the pace of neighbouring countries such as Columbia in terms of attracting investment in the future?

Yes, what I can say is that we feel very proud for what we have built in the last 40 years, we have had an average growth rate of more than 5 percent of GDP every year. Although we now have some turbulence in the economics in the world and also in the region we are still a good destination to attract investment in Peru. I guess that we are heading in the right direction to continue to attract investments and I want to also help to host the investirs of the world in my country.

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