Saudi Arabia Webinar: Leveraging the crisis to build local strength

"It’s evident to all of us that Saudi Arabia’s modernisation and diversification efforts are moving forward and will grow even stronger after the Covid-19 pandemic." Peter Szabadi

"Saudi Aramco has been very good at working with companies to develop best practices during the Covid-19 pandemic." Ziad Jeha

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Saudi Arabia webinar: Leveraging the crisis to build local strength

August 6, 2020

The Energy Year's Saudi Arabia webinar examined local content, digitalisation and the business relationship with national champion Saudi Aramco. The event was sponsored by Schlumberger and INMA Steel.

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and oil price collapse crisis – unprecedented in scope and intensity – Saudi Arabia has taken various steps to restore confidence and balance to global oil markets and strengthen collaborations with key stakeholders of the global energy industry.

In spite of these uncertain times, Saudi Arabia holding the presidency of the G20 for the first time in 2020 is an important milestone confirming the kingdom’s fundamental role in promoting collective efforts to emerge from the current downturn into a resilient, sustainable future.


Ziad Jeha, President for Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, Schlumberger

Muntaser Kalahji, Managing Director, INMA Steel

Safwat Hakam, Country Director of the KSA, Bahrain, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt, Rockwell Automation


Gavin Ames, Executive Vice-President, Zamil O&M


Peter Szabadi, COO, The Energy Year


How are the kingdom’s energy companies leveraging the recession to embrace R&D, cost optimisation and the deployment of new technology?

How are industry players working with Saudi Aramco to further strengthen local capabilities and domestic manufacturing amid the crisis?

What opportunities will Saudi Arabia’s energy industry hold for international investors in a post-pandemic environment?

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