Gazprom In Figures

Share of global output of gas: 12%

Number of employees: More than 475,000

Gazprom is one of the largest energy companies in the world. It has over 475,000 employees and is the major player overseeing Russia’s natural gas reserves, the largest proven reserves in the world. Originally an asset of the Soviet and later Russian state, Gazprom is now a public company, with the majority shareholder being the Russian government.

A fully vertically integrated energy company, Gazprom’s major business lines are exploration, production, transportation, storage, hydrocarbon processing and marketing, heat generation and power generation.

Gazprom is primarily known for the supply of gas through its network of gas pipelines. The company has dozens of subsidiaries and major pipelines through which it delivers gas to many export markets.

Gazprom aims to ensure maximally efficient and balanced gas supply in Russia and abroad.

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