Authorities and BP report Alaska spill


ANCHORAGE, April 17, 2017 – A BP oil well on Alaska’s North Slope is leaking crude oil and natural gas.

A crack in a wellhead near Deadhorse caused a spray of oil and gas to be sent up in the air on Friday, according to statements by the company and federal and state agencies.


While the initial leak appears to have stopped amid freezing conditions and the activation of a surface safety valve, another leak further down the well is said to be releasing natural gas and small amounts of crude oil. As of late Sunday crews were still working to control the situation.

The volume of oil released so far is said to be “minor” compared with the gas spewing from the well. The cause of the incident is still unknown.

BP has not been able to estimate how much oil and gas has spilled as dangerous conditions are prohibiting crews from approaching the site, but the company said it appears to have been contained to the surrounding pad. There have been no reports of injuries or damage to wildlife.

BP’s work in the Prudhoe Bay area, on Alaska’s Arctic coast, account for about 55% of the state’s oil and gas output, the company says