Pipeline fire

Fire breaks out at Shell pipeline after oil spill

YENAGOA, April 21, 2015 – A fire broke out on Monday along the Kolo Creek-Rumekpe Pipeline in the Nigerian state of Bayelsa. The fire comes just five days after a leak was detected at the pipeline, which is operated by the Shell Development Company of Nigeria (SPDC).


News agency All Africa reports that crude oil was found leaking into farmland and other vegetation from a trunk line that connects the Kolo Creek field to the pipeline.

A joint investigation conducted by the Bayelsa State Ministry of Environment, the SPDC, oil regulators and community representatives concluded that the pipeline leak resulted from an act of sabotage. However, Nigerian news site The Guardian reports that some members of the community believe the leak was caused by negligence and not sabotage.

SPDC is a joint venture consisting of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (55 percent), Shell (30 percent), Total Exploration & Production Nigeria (10 percent) and the Nigerian Agip Oil Company (5 percent).

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