Japan's JERA forms global renewables company

Japan’s JERA forms global renewables company

LONDON, April 15, 2024 – JERA has created a London-headquartered renewables company set to be active globally, the Japanese power generation player said on Monday.

JERA Nex will develop, invest in, own and operate a range of renewable energy assets, including offshore and onshore wind, solar and battery storage.

The new company will capitalise on JERA’s large-scale electricity generation capability and contribute to the decarbonisation needed to meet its goal of reaching net zero by 2050.


JERA targets the installation of 20 GW of renewable power generation capacity by 2035, and JERA Nex is set to play a key role in achieving this.

“With the launch of JERA Nex, we are bringing together passionate renewable energy people from across the world,” JERA Nex CEO Nathalie Oosterlinck said.

“Our teams have already delivered pioneering offshore wind farms, from the Taiwan Strait to the Belgian North Sea, as well as leading several onshore projects across the world, making JERA Nex well placed to deliver clean energy for a sustainable future.”

JERA is Japan’s largest power generation company and ranks among the largest producers of electricity worldwide.

Photo of JERA’s Arcadis Ost 1 project in Germany courtesy of JERA.

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