Strike Energy Services has completed workover operations gas wells in Australian block PEL 96

Strike Energy Services announces workover completion


CANBERRA, August 11, 2015 – On August 10, Canadian company Strike Energy Services announced the completion of workover operations at Australian block PEL 96’s three Klebb gas wells. The company also stated that each well had been recomissioned and that last week the phase three extended flow testing programme had begun. Fracture stimulation treatments have been conducted at two of the wells to increase productivity.


In a company statement, the Strike Energy Services managing director David Wrench said, “Having successfully completed the workover programme, our focus is now on building production rates over coming weeks to reduce reservoir pressure. We know that pressure reduction leads to increased gas flows and all the facilities are now in place to achieve our objective of commercial rates.”

Strike Energy Services holds a 66.7-percent operating interest in block PEL 96, alongside Hong-Kong-based Energy World Corporation, which holds a 33.3-percent share. The development of the PEL 94, 95 and 96 blocks together make up what is known as the Southern Cooper Basin Gas Project.

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